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Find Awesome Keywords Using Kindle Keyword Search Tool

Kindle Keyword Search Tool for Books on Amazon

Amazon is a powerful search engine. It absorbs millions of search queries everyday. Kindle Keyword Search Tool helps you figure out what keywords people are using.

Our Keyword tool uses the auto-complete and suggestion features of Amazon's search bar to generate a number of relevant keywords that can be used for Amazon keyword optimization.

Kindle Keyword Search Tool

Kindle Keyword Search Tool is fully specialized in Kindle and Amazon books! The keywords you get are only relevant to these two categories and thus have a higher chance of increasing your sales
This is what sets us apart. from other Amazon Keyword Search tools

KR Keyword Tool offers free queries and display full results. However, given the size of the infrastructure involved, free queries are limited to 2 requests a day.
Paid access starts from $1.99...Yes you read that right. 15 to 100 times cheaper than other Keyword search engines.

Keyword Tool to Find Long Tail Amazon Keywords

Kindle Keyword Search Tool helps you find long tail keywords to use as a titles, subtitles and in your book description to attract more readers.
You can add these keywords in the KDP keyword menu or even target them on Amazon ads and other advertising platforms. Find out the right keywords for your book and increase your sales and income!

How does KR Keyword Tool estimate the Volume Search

Amazon does not communicate its sales volume. Period.

Every Keyword search engine claiming to have this information is either deceiving you or using Google Keyword Planner. Google and Amazon being two search engines with different purposes, the latter solution provides wrong numbers.

How can we get an accurate search volume number then? We can't. But here's the kicker. Nobody cares about the actual number!
What really matters is the relative volume, i.e. is keyword X more popular than keyword Y?

Thankfully, we can easily get this information by comparing the number of letters required to have the keyword suggested by Amazon.

When you type "ha" on the Amazon search bar, it suggests you "Harry Potter" for instance. This keyword's relative popularity is 2. If you type "Har" however, Amazon suggests "Haruki Murakami" in addition to "Harry Potter".

"Haruki Murakami" is a level 3 keyword because it did not appear when we only typed "ha".We can thus safely say that Harry Potter is more popular than Haruki Murakami.
Rince and repeat!

How does Kindle Keyword Search Tool estimate Competitiveness

Kindle Keyword Search Tool uses Kindle Ranker's database of Amazon's 10 000 categories (both books and ebooks) and 200 000 bestsellers! For each keyword you search for on Kindle Ranker Keyword Tool, you get the number of best selling titles using that same keyword, otherwise known as the competition.

Along with the competition metric, KR Keyword Tool also displays the estimated monthly sales of books with titles matching keywords. This calculation is based on the Kindle Ranker Sales Calculator which derives an estimate of the number of daily sales from a book's Absolute rank.

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